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we have highly-tailored IT solutions.

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Digital Card is the standard for digital business cards that works on Smartphones, Tablets and computers with NO APP required. Digital Card creates a digital hub where your customers can pick and choose how they connect with you. For example, you can list your standard contact information, a bio telling a little more about yourself, all of your social networks in one place and an info center, which allows you to create a digital brochure.
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For your very specific industry,
we have highly-tailored IT solutions.

Click to Call
Your customers will reach you by just tapping on mobile number on vCard.
Click To WhatsApp
Your customers can whatsapp you without even saving your number!
Click to email
One Click and your customer will be able to send you an email.
Click to Navigate
Using digital visiting Card, people can navigate to your store with Google Maps.
Add to Contacts
People can save all your contact details in their phone address book.
Website & Social Links
With digital visiting card, Customers can visit websites and social sites.
Add Custom Link
Add Custom Links for Contact Forms, Payment Buttons and more.
Share Unlimited
Share your digital visiting card unlimited times to anyone.
Photo Gallery
Showcase your business realted images and products to your customers (upto 100).

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